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Josep Borrell: Populisms in Latin America and Europe

Josep Borrell
Lecture at the Festival de la Economia
Trento 30 May 2014

The key difference between populism in Latin America and Europe, apart from the fact that the right-wing kind has been the norm until recently in our continent, is the fact that the left-wing populism has actually ruled countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador or Uruguay. Populists in European governments have been more exceptional, although Haider’s far right in Austria was part at some point of a coalition government and today Orban’s populism rules Hungary.



The left-wing populism is growing particularly in Southern Europe, and in Spain, parties like Podemos (We Can) has won more than a million votes and 5 seats in their first appearance before the voters. This party is lead by a charismatic journalist who openly takes inspiration from Latin American left wing populists. In Italy, a comedian like Beppe Grillo, shares with Spanish Podemos a rejection of the “Caste”, and a distaste for European integration. In this respect, Podemos and the 5 Star Movement are not so different from the French National Front. Sigue leyendo Josep Borrell: Populisms in Latin America and Europe